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and reliably monitor the condition
of perishable produce?

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Topcryo Cold chain guarantee label


The label which shows the condition of your produce by a simple change in colour.

Can be used with all perishable produce

Specify your time and temperature parameters and we’ll formulate a Topcryo label to fit your needs.

Cold-chain monitoring

You (or your client) can monitor cold-chain integrity in real time for quality and safety.

Instant monitoring

As simple as a traffic light, provides an on-going red warning that calls for action.

Facilitates pro-active staff awareness

Encourages worker responsibility awareness by all staff levels of the cold chain.

Proven cost-effectiveness

This simple tool will help reduce shrinkage, monitor stock condition, and increase profit.

Your cold chain guarantee

In three words:



Certified by an ENVA (National Veterinary School of Alfort) study, Topcryo is a decision making check-point with regard to food safety.



Continuous monitoring of temperature history. The Topcryo label confirms your cold-chain compliance.



Saves checking time, reduces shrinkage, and optimizes energy use; a win-win situation.

Used by a wide range of professionals:

Claire, manager of a fast food restaurant

“We adopted the Topcryo TTI (Time, Temperature Indicating) labels in an effort to reduce waste, and by so doing we have cut our daily produce shrinkage in half.”