Monitoring your cold chain
with the Theta Kit.

Monitor your cold chain easily with the Theta Kit. It is the first cold chain self-monitoring kit to use predictive microbiology.


The Theta Kit is ideal to track progression. It makes it possible to assess, check and monitor your process. The starting price is 90€ without tax. It includes a user’s guide and 50 to 150 Topcryo labels.

Topcryo translates time and temperature impact on the conservation of heat-sensitive food by using an non-reversible color change.


With the Theta Kit, you can benefit from all the advantages of Topcryo. Use it momentarily to monitor quality according to your needs.

1 › Define the kit you need:


Theta Kit

1 x 50 units

1 Topcryo label setting of your choice.

90 €*


Theta Kit

2 x 50 units

Up to 2 Topcryo label settings of your choice.

170 €*


Theta Kit

3 x 50 units

Up to 3 Topcryo label settings of your choice.

230 €*

*Shipping costs included for France. For other destinations please contact us.

2 › Define the required label settings:

Select from a choice of 8 Topcryo settings depending on the time/temperature scale you want to test.

Time before color changes to red (hours):

Désignation 2°C 3°C 4°C 8°C 12°C
TOPCRYO B 50 36 30 18 12
TOPCRYO C 76 57 48 27 18
TOPCRYO D 112 85 72 40 25
TOPCRYO E 142 113 96 54 32
TOPCRYO F 184 141 120 67 40
TOPCRYO G 216 168 144 80 46
TOPCRYO H 254 196 168 93 55
TOPCRYO I 292 224 192 106 64

3 › Order your kit:

Upon receipt, you have 3 months to use the labels.

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The Theta Kit was awarded the Innove’Prorestel Trophy 2016, in the “Concept” category.


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