Topcryo: simple and innovative

Starting from a few cents

Focussed innovation

Topcryo is a temperature-sensitive microbiological label which monitors produce condition by a color change from green to red based on time/temperature exposure. This allows immediate identification of produce unfit for consumption.

A management tool

A simple decision making tool based on the probability of risk. It reflects the increasing measure of danger based on actual time/temperature history of the cold chain in real-time and provides a yes or no indication of acceptable risk.

A label for many applications

Whether in mass market food processing, distribution, retailing, or catering, our innovative product will meet your needs of real-time quality monitoring, cost control, and responsible management. The Topcryo can be used on individual containers, produce trays or shipping boxes.


Timely checking of records for better informed decisions


Topcryo temperature ranges can be formulated to fit individual needs

Time before color changes to red (hours):

Designation 2°C 3°C 4°C 8°C 12°C
TOPCRYO B 50 36 30 18 12
TOPCRYO C 76 57 48 27 18
TOPCRYO D 112 85 72 40 25
TOPCRYO E 142 113 96 54 32
TOPCRYO F 184 141 120 67 40
TOPCRYO G 216 168 144 80 46
TOPCRYO H 254 196 168 93 55
TOPCRYO I 292 224 192 106 64

Standard Topcryo temperature ranges are available from 2 to 12°C (36 to 55°F). For non-standard ranges the formulation can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Topcryo complies with regulatory requirements

This technology is the result of seven years of research and development with recognised scientific collaborators.

Topcryo provides a concrete solution responding to European regulatory food hygiene requirements in terms of checking and managing the cold chain.

TOPCRYO complies with EC regulations n°2073/2005 and 852/2004 on the hygiene package.

The first TTI to be controlled in line with NF E18-100 standard.

EFSA approval for to be placed on the market: European regulation No. 450/2009.

Scientific approval which indicates the suitability of microbiological ITT as a health and safety management tool.